The products we install are American made and nonproprietary. It's that simple. We take pride in the fact that we use American made equipment because we try to do our part in keeping jobs here and keeping things simple for our customers.

Keeping things simple is important because it saves our customers money in the long run. They won't need to worry about getting replacement parts from Germany or Japan. They won't need to worry about being stuck with the installer because any certified elevator technician can work on the equipment we install when it comes to modernizations.

Also, if you simply want to repair your elevator and parts are obsolete, we have a warehouse full of parts and experienced people who may be able to make it for you.

Motion Control Engineering

MCE makes their controllers in California. Their system is also universal and nonproprietary which means any elevator company can get it and work on it.

"Before 1975, hundreds of relays were assembled on panels to provide logic processing. These “relay logic” systems represented the state-of-the-art at the time. With development of the first “solid state” silicon devices, transistors began to replace electro-mechanical relay systems. Without moving parts, these devices improved reliability while eliminating the need for relay replacement. Old technology allowed a qualified elevator mechanic to trace the source of a problem by following wires from relay to relay. With the advent of software, lines of computer software coding replaced wires and relays. Dispatching logic and other operations were now hidden inside microchips.

As the elevator industry adopted this technology, an increasing amount of new equipment required the use of a special electronic service tool. These tools were needed to adjust, troubleshoot and maintain equipment, or reconfigure system operation. This in turn limited the building owner’s choice for all future maintenance and repair to the original manufacturer." Excerpt Courtesy of MCE.


GAL is out of Bronx, New York. They have been making door closing equipment since 1927. Their quality, efficiency, serviceability has been well know in the industry which makes them our preferred door manufacturer.

Hollister Whitney

HW is out of Quincy, Illinois. Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corporation, is one of the most modern elevator equipment manufacturing facilities in the world. Over ninety years ago, they started as a family business and today, they still are. They take great pride in building precision products which are used in elevators throughout the world. Almost every major company has used Hollister Whitney.